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Welcome to our corporate web site!

CalCargo has a rich history and a very exciting future ahead of it and I'm proud to be at the helm of a company once headed by my father for more than two decades.

To deliver the best you have to be the best! And Team CalCargo is the best at what it does, providing innovative, first-in-class logistics and supply chain solutions combined with superior support.

Everyone has worked hard to get to where we are today, and is working even harder to realize our common vision for the future. We have everything we need -- the people, the experience, the ideas, the financial health and the business partners -- to reach the next level of growth. We also have a single-minded will to succeed. As you watch us continue to grow into a more diverse transportation and logistics company with a wider range of both national and international customers, you'll like what you see! 

I also want to encourage all of our customers to feel free to email or call me directly at any time to discuss how we can better serve you and your company's transportation and logistics needs.

Rocky Muzzin, President
CalCargo, Inc.
Email: rmuzzin@calcargo.com
Direct phone: (510) 773-3021





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Rocky Muzzin, President, CalCargo

'Keeping pace with the ever-increasing rate at which fuel costs, governmental regulations and the myriad other factors shaping our industry are changing is the biggest challenge facing us today. To remain at the vanguard of our industry, the CalCargo team has increased its focus on identifying, understanding and responding to changes in our customers' transportation and logistics needs and how we can better meet them. To that end, we are striving to forge a closer working relationship with all of our customers.'












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