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OnCalCargo interviews company president Rocky Muzzin on some of the latest news and events:

Q: Has CalCargo fully implemented the web initiatives it mapped out earlier this year ?

A: This entirely new website is the linchpin of our efforts to provide our customers with greater visibility into their logistics and supply chain operations. Customers will soon be able to log in to a secure area of the website to obtain shipment tracking and inventory levels data. They will even be able to have it pushed out to their cell phones if they want.  

Q: Can I look at my company's current order processing and shipment status information online?

A: Yes, you will be able to soon using our online Order Processing, Transportation and Delivery Log Information function. Once our Customer Support Department provides you with your customer ID and password information, simply go to the home page of our corporate website, www.calcargo.com, and enter that information on the left-hand side of the screen.

Q: What do advancements like these translate to in terms of improved customer service and satisfaction?

A: Our growing electronic WDS capabilities in general enable us to provide our customers with absolutely the best logistics and transportation services in the industry. The backbone of our system is our state-of-the-art Unix-based backend and its truly robust and easily scalable system architecture, enabling us to handle literally any need our customers might have today and well into the future..

Q: What advancements have been made in CalCargo's EDI capabilities? 

A: We've made a number of advancements. For example, we now scan all inbound and outbound shipments for all our customers. Thanks to our wireless shipment tracking scanners, our customers will soon be able to obtain truly real-time shipment status updates via our secure website.

Q: Is CalCargo continuing to grow its involvement in industry trade organizations?

A: All our top-level executives participate in numerous industry association conferences and related activities to ensure they are fully abreast of the latest industry advances and issues of significance. This is essential to our ensuring we can provide our customers with the best levels of service in the industry..

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